Thursday, December 27, 2012

Friday Fragments: Episode #229

Mommy's Idea

Here we are, already to our last fragmenting fandango of the year!
This is the perfect time to clean out the cobwebs for the new year;
free yourself of the bits and pieces of your mind that didn't make it as stand-alone posts
but also haven't left your head.

***Are you on my Nice List? If not, I'm sure you should be; come and pick up your gift or let me know that I missed you (sorry, but at least you'll know I'm not perfect if I missed a few, and believe me; I'm sure I did.).

***Conversation overheard at Kohls Department Store a few days ago, between a husband and wife:

Husband (doubtful):  Panties?!
Wife (confident): Yes; they're cheap, and everyone loves panties. Ma'am, can you please tell us where the intimate apparel is?"

I'm not sure about you, but I don't need anyone else picking out panties for me, especially to open on Christmas morning.

***Speaking of husbands, mine gave me a certificate for a weekend getaway for the two of us, and I get to pick the destination.  I hate to waste Frequent Flier points on a weekend trip, so I might decide to wait til summer and do it right (a week, at least!) but in the meantime, it's fun deciding where we should go. San Diego? Las Vegas? Tahoe? The Caribbean? The idea of an all-inclusive resort sounds awesome to me, but I'm totally freaked out about choosing a reputable place from which to buy a reasonably-priced package. How do you know that you're not giving your money to some fly-by-night doofusses? This may come as a surprise, but we have never really gone anywhere without the kids (for more than a few days), so I'm new at this kind of decision.

***If you missed my Funny Monday: In Descent Proposal, you should check it out; I found it in the "Feel Good" section of another website I no longer remember (sorry), and if really made me smile.

***Gift-giving tip for next year: If you found yourselves trading gift cards this year, why not consider changing your gift-giving plan for next year--You could each redirect those funds to something meaningful, like Karen Zemek did this year.

***We ended up with a real tree again this year. Mr.4444 countered my "But the dogs will tear it up or pee on it!" argument with a great idea: He created a raised platform out of 5-gallon buckets and a piece of plywood. I have to admit that it worked like a charm; the dogs have barely given it notice.

***A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called "Are Mom and Dad Santa" in which I shared a letter that I'd found on Pinterest. Since then, I was contacted by the author of the original letter, which was apparently used to plagiarize the letter found on Pinterest. I just wanted to let you know that I've edited my post, removing the link to that pin. Sadly, it's been repinned already many times over. In case you're one of the people who repinned that letter, I thought I'd let you know, because I'm sure you'll want to un-pin it.

Now it's your turn! Link up your FRIDAY FRAGMENTS post and visit other fragmenters to meet some of the nicest folks you'll ever meet.

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  1. I've used trip adviser the last couple of trips to great success. You might try that for your weekend getaway.

    I enjoyed the gift list but sadly didn't find me on it. I must work harder to make it for next year! :) I will accept my lump of coal for the naughty list this time. Lol


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