Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just Checking In

I'm so fragmented already this week that I feel a need to unload now, instead of waiting til Friday.

***Although our two-hour delay on Monday helped a little, the two nights of conferences kicked me in the butt. Is it Friday yet?

***Kendall says not to fear; the Snow Day Calculator has assured us of a 99% chance of a Snow Day tomorrow! We're expecting 6-8 inches of snow, beginning shortly, plus gusty winds to add to the mix, which is awesome.

***However, Mr.4444 is out of town and having trouble getting back home, due to weather issues, so that's not so great.

***Kendall's been home from school with the flu. She's feeling much better tonight, and I came home to a clean kitchen and a nice cup of Door County Cinnamon Tea. Love that kid...

***I can still feel pressure in my ears after they almost blew off my head in a phone conversation with a parent today; I was so angry, that even 15 minutes later, they felt hot. It's rare that I let anyone's words get to me like that; I'm proud of myself for not losing my composure.

***This is the state of the new stuffed toy I bought for Milo last weekend, after Steve got a hold of it. (Don't worry; Steve got a very cool toy of his own, too.) Sorry for the blurry photo.

***Speaking of photos, the folks at the Red Cross naturally supported my putting in a plug for them. When I gave blood last week, a nice nurse took a photo of a co-worker and me. Kerrie (who also teaches spec ed) just happened to be there but said she'd give blood again in my honor for my birthday :)  If you don't know what I'm talking about, visit my Birthday Wish post.

Alrighty then--I guess that's enough for now. Hopefully, relieving myself of some fragments will help me chill out a bit. If not, a snow day would help...

...here that, Mother Nature?

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