Thursday, January 31, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #234

Mommy's Idea

Welcome. Please help yourself to a gown and face mask; my fragments this week may be contagious. (Sorry)


Yes, I know; dogs don't belong on the couch (well, not big dogs, anyway).
Still, this is a nightly event at our house.
I shot this video a week or two ago, shortly after Steve tore the squeaker out of a favorite toy.

Those two sure are good for a laugh.
That said, tonight I told Steve there will be no more jumping on the couch, and I mean it.


My student, Artie, bawled like a baby for about ten minutes this morning, the stress of two wacky-scheduled days and a snow-day this week, just getting to be too much for him, poor kid.


Kendall went back to school today after having the flu for five days. If she was going to get it, I'm glad it at least came in time for her to recover before the musical in a couple of weeks.


These bits and pieces of my week may be the last you hear of me for a little while;
I fear I am getting Kendall's flu;
my throat hurts, I have a little sinus thing starting, and I have a headache.


After linking, please help yourself to the hand sanitizer.

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