Thursday, February 7, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #235

Mommy's Idea

I'm in Michigan as I start this draft. In case the four-hour drive starts late today, I'm publishing the post before I've finished it. 

***So much to write about, so little time. Lots of thoughts bouncing around in my head. When I pull them all together, I look forward to sharing. 

***Kendall became my (and my sister's) Facebook friend this week and loved "catching up" via old photos we had posted. She brought this one to my attention, and I thought I share it, because it's Milo, his mom, and his littermates. Check out those ears! She was/is so ugly she's cute, and there's our Milo, doing his own thing. So funny.

***In answer to the question I know some of you have, Yes, I used to be Kendall's Facebook friend when she first got on.  After a few years, I let her do her own thing.

***After a few days of stalking Michelle's and my Facebook pages (which are pretty active), Kendall announced that she was soooo happy to be friends with us and wished she had done it sooner, as there is a great sense of community with our family on Facebook; it makes her happy to be part of that. I'm happy that she'll be able to take that with her to college in the fall.

***If you live in Wisconsin, you will find this resource very interesting. It leads you to the administrative code (rules governing every public and private business in Wisconsin). My representative is on the Assembly committee that will be reviewing the 1768 chapters in the hopes of getting rid of the dumb rules that get in the way of business. Sounds good to me.

***Kyle is looking for an international business internship that will allow him to enhance his global communications education and give him some cross-cultural business experience. I told him I would put some feelers out here, in case any of you have a connection to a great company that would welcome my awesome kid in this capacity. Specifically, he would welcome something in marketing, customer relations, dealings with other countries, etc.  Oh, and if you know anyone who works for a European automaker, that would probably push him to Nirvana, so don't be afraid...

***Just a reminder...I'd love it if you did a random act of kindness in my honor or if you gave blood or a donation to the American Red Cross for my April 26th birthday. If you can't find the post to let me know about it, you'll find a link at the top of my right-hand sidebar. Please visit the post and leave a comment there so that I can keep track; my goal is 50 people (for my 50th, of course). Thanks!

Alrighty then; here's the linky.  

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