Thursday, February 14, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #236

Mommy's Idea

Welcome! If you're anything like me this week, your brain is already fried, and you tried to clean the pan, but there are still some stubborn bits stuck to it. Friday Fragments is the perfect place to let  those bits soak a bit before washing them down the drain. [First time fragmenting? Read a more sensible explanation by clicking on the FF tab above.]

***Someone implied this week that because I "only" have eleven students on my special ed caseload, my job must be a cakewalk; I am still having trouble letting it go. I have at least progressed from wanting to punch the person in the face and opening up a verbal can of whoop-a-- to just being irritated and holding a grudge.

***It just occurred to me that you might not know what a cakewalk is. Just in can read about how easy they are here.

***Yesterday was one of the most drama-filled, stressful, exhausting-yet-over-in-a-flash days I've had all year. There was fighting, tantruming, and even police involvement, and that's three different students. The stupid-teacher comment was on top of all of that, so it was a rough one.

***Today, though, was the complete opposite, on an equally-dramatic level, which is awesome.  Here are just two highlight photos that portray why:


And, as if the Difference Makers and I volunteering at a dance for kids with special needs wasn't enough to wipe yesterday off the map,
there was this...


Want to get 275 sixth graders to donate money to a good cause? Tell them they'll get no homework for a week (in one class), an hour of dodgeball, and pies in the faces of two of their teachers and two principals! (Lucky me--My name was drawn to pie a principal in the face!) We raised $275 in our house of 80 students, alone, and more than $600 as a school in just one week. Take that, cancer!

PLUS, a particularily difficult student was absent today,

AND we have tomorrow off.

AND Thoroughly Modern Millie opens this weekend!!!

AND my Valentine...He is just perfect for me; I love him.

Thank you, God. [For all of that, plus for reading my blog.haha]

But enough of my fragments! How about yours?!

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