Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pies in the Face of Cancer!

Know how to get 280 sixth graders fired up?
Tell them that if they raise enough money for *Sting Cancer, 
they'll get to see three of their teachers get pies smooshed in their faces.

In our house of 80 kids, we threw in no homework for a week in one class
and a few games of dodgeball,
which resulted in $260 raised in our house, alone.

Together, the three grades donated more than $600!

These ladies know how to have fun!

Tell the kids that if they are the grade raising the most money, 
their principals will also take pies in the face!
You'll need principals with good senses of humor, of course.
We have no shortage there...

Lucky me; I had my name drawn to be the pie thrower for one principal!

These guys are awesome.

Don't tell the kids that no homework for a week
means no grading of homework for a week,
so it's a win-win :)

*Sting Cancer is a club at our school that has the goal of helping families affected by cancer.

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