Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sundays in My City: Michigan House Cafe & Brew Pub

Unknown Mami

We don’t get to Calumet, Michigan often, but when we do, I enjoy stopping for a meal or drink at the Michigan House, as much for the atmosphere as for the food; it’s like taking a little walk back in time into a museum of craftsmanship and culture.  It's a terrific place to visit while in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, any time of the year.

 summer shot photo credit

As I mentioned in my Trip Advisor review, the Michigan House bar area has a lot of character.

This mural (circa 1906) on the ceiling above the bar is my favorite feature.

When we had lunch there a few days ago, we couldn't help but admire the incredible workmanship of the tiled floor and imagine the time and effort it took to hand-place each tiny tile; we estimated 225 tiles per square foot. (Please excuse the dirty floor; it's February in a town that can barely keep up with the snow and resulting dirty boot prints.)

There's an moose rack on the wall that doubles as hat keeper.

and a really fun-looking, still-working, and free arcade game, back in the corner.

Part of it is Rated PG for cartoon nudity.haha
(Sorry for the lack of focus; I'm still learning to use my new camera.)

Wouldn't it be cool to see a series of photos (taken by the game itself) of the people who played it the past 100+ years?

There's also one of these. Any clue what it is?

 The Michigan House dining room is breathtakingly beautiful and warm; 

the craftsmanship of the fireplace, the detailed floor tiling, and the gorgeous pie safe/hutch enthrall me.

I was grateful the dining room was empty when I wanted to take photos without intruding on anyone’s lunch.  Most people were having lunch in the bar area, and I don’t blame them; the booths, too are gorgeous, and the stained glass windows let in warm light.

Whoever owns the Michigan House clearly knows the treasure he/she has and has taken care to maintain the beauty of this historic gem.  We’ve been there at night, too, and the atmosphere at that time is equally appealing.  I highly recommend a stop if you ever get the chance.

P.S.  Oh, and the food is really great, too.

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