Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sundays in My City: Winter Carnival

Unknown Mami
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My thanks to Unknown Mami for hosting. Enjoy!
I always say that if it's going to be cold anyway, you might as well have snow. 
Fortunately for people in Houghton, Michigan this week, there's plenty.
It's Winter Carnival time at Michigan Tech. 
On our way to Calumet for a funeral a few days ago, 
Mr.4444 and I were very happy to get a glimpse of the sculpture-carving process in its early stages.

I have to interject with another plug for this picturesque place;
I absolutely love taking photos here in the fall, especially. 
Picture this scene with a blaze of gorgeous fall colors in the background; it's like a post card.

It would be nice to be able to take photos while standing at the side of the road or something, 
but did I mention that I took more than 200 photos on this trip?
 (I was lucky to get Mr.4444 to roll the windows down for me!haha)

Anytown, U.S.A., I suppose (with or without the snow), but this is downtown Houghton.

 Here's the bridge that separates Houghton, Michigan from Hancock, Michigan.

In case you're wondering about the brown snow, it's because they use sand, not salt, 
to manage the snow there. It's much kinder to the roads.

Back to the carvings!

Wait--Was that a penguin?! 
Actualy, I think it's a snowman, but believe it or not, 
I did not even notice him until I reviewed the shot in my camera; 
I'd been aiming for the ski hills in the background (again, from a moving vehicle). 
Anyway, I love it.

This shot's not that exciting, but the chairs give it perspective.

For you Transformer fans out there....

It's not too late to take a road trip to Houghton to check out their many superhero-themed snow sculptures; the event is a month long, and something tells me their work will be there for a while!

To see more remarkable photos from our wintery trip, 
check out You Might Live in the U.P. If, and for more

P.S.Please excuse the quality of the photos; I snapped them all from a moving vehicle on two late, overcast afternoons as we passed through town. I had to use the "Sports" setting and still have a lot to learn when it comes to using my camera.

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