Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Okay, so I've seen two performances of Thoroughly Modern Millie, 
a 1920's musical in which my daughter Kendall plays Miss Dorothy Brown, 
an aspiring actress from California who arrives in New York City 
with a secondary goal of finding out "how the other half lives."  

The very talented Karlye (a.k.a. Millie) and Kendall

Along the way, she meets another young lady who desires a life on the opposite side of the tracks; 
she sets her sites on finding a job and then marrying her boss
However, the boss meets Miss Dorothy Brown and becomes smitten with her.

The feeling is mutual, as evidenced by this trimmed version of Falling in Love.

But wait!


In a twist of fate, Dorothy meets her true love.

(Speaking of love, I loved the show last weekend 
and look forward to going two more times.)

To put all of the plot pieces together and see the fruits of these and many other kids' labors,

come and see the show! :)

Kyle is coming home on Saturday, which makes me so happy!
Not only will he be there to support his sister,
but we're having the cast and crew party after Saturday night's show;
and you know how those young people were during prohibition;
I may need an extra chaparone or two!

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  1. Your daughter is excellent and I know how proud you must be. My brother has been acting most of his life and is well known in Milwaukee now for his directing for many years! I have seen many local plays over the years and I am always amazed with the talent.
    I wish your daughter well.


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