Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #239

Mommy's Idea

Whoever invented Fridays deserves our unbridled gratitude; 
I don't know what I'd do without them.
I'm glad you're here. Ready to unload the randomness from your week?
Me, too.


My idea of heaven:

Artie's idea of heaven (said walking down the hall between classes):

"Dang it! If only I had my Mp3 player; it would make me feel so groovy!"


Tinytown High School's idea of heaven?
Going to state for basketball for the first time since 1989!
Here's a photo of the players stopping by the middle school today on their way out of town,
escorted by part of the marching band, our mascot, and TV news crews.

I'm not gonna lie; I teared up.

You wanna know what else I think would be heaven?
Heaven would be celebrating my 50th birthday (April 26th) reading about how 50 people went out of their way  to make a difference in the world in honor of my birthday. Thank you, Karen and Ann, for the wonderful gifts and for letting me know in in the comments section of my birthday wish post--That will make it easy for me to keep track :) 

Okay! That's it for me; now it's your turn. Link up your Friday Fragments post below:

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