Thursday, March 7, 2013

Artie's Life Story

Artie is so funny. He was feeling a bit "off" this afternoon and having trouble staying focused in class. A few minutes into a student's sharing info from his personal "bio cube,"  Artie asked me loudly, 

"Would you help me with some psychology?"

I whispered that I would help, later. He kept talking, so I tried to redirect him, but he wouldn't stop. I invited him to talk to me about it in my room, next door. Once there, he immediately walked over to the couch and reclined (because I'm too lazy to figure out if I can use "lay down" or not). Then he instructed, 

"This is how you do it; I lay here and talk, and you listen to me."


Artie then proceeded to rattle on about his life (when and where he was born--2000, New Jersey), his character traits (funny, crazy, and lovable), his struggles (siblings who drive him insane, bullies), and his travels (to China, Canada, Algoma, and Green Bay). He also shared about how he and his family triumphed over the people who broke into his house one day (I called B.S. on this one, and he admitted he'd made that one up.)  I recorded Artie's offerings on his bio cube planning sheet.  When he'd talked enough (about five minutes), he announced, 

"Thanks for being my psychologist."

And we headed back to class.

Just another skill to add to my resume... 

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