Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Family Ties

They say that our population in America is dropping and that we are not having enough children to support our future economy/workforce. Mom and Dad their share of helping to populate the earth; I am one of nine siblings. Mom has 20 grandkids and plenty of great grandkids, too. (Family gatherings are crowded when everyone arrives at the same time.)  

The older we get, the less likely we are to get together as families unless it's for a wedding or a funeral. For us this time, it was a wedding, and two of my sisters were unable to attend, so our group was incomplete, but we didn't miss the opportunity for a group shot when the photographer offered. 

One of my sisters lives in Alaska and the other in Tulsa. Other than that, the rest of us live near Mom. I know that's rare, with today's generation, given the changing workforce, the need to move for jobs, etc. I think we're fortunate to live so near each other. 

It bums me me out a little that it's unlikely that Kyle and Kendall will ever live in the same town/city again. Heck; they may not even ever live near their dad and me again, either. (Guess he and I will have to become globe trotters!) I told her that if she wants her some-day kids to have cousins to play with, she'll need to marry into a big family or follow her brother around the globe. 

What?! Stop laughing! Yes; I'm aware that we should probably let her focus on graduation high school first.

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