Thursday, April 4, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #243

Mommy's Idea 

***Have you ever heard of a Hoberman sphere? Until I saw one hanging over my coworker's desk, I hadn't, either, but now I totally want one! I could not stop pulling the cord that makes it expand and contract--very relaxing! I'm not sure where I'd put it if I had one, but that didn't stop me from pinning it.

***I need to relax, but I'm still ticked that three out of four of our referendum questions were voted down AND that only 51% of eligible voters weighed in. It'll be a few more days before we learn the fate of Question #2--The difference is only NINE votes, and there are still around ten more absentee ballots to come in, so there will be a recount on that one. If that issue (roofs, windows, other necessary maintenance) doesn't pass, it's going to have to be taken care of anyway, at the expense of teaching positions or programs that benefit kids. I'm afraid people are just going to have to see things get ugly before they realize that it really does matter. I hate the negative impact our governor has inspired regarding public education; it's so discouraging.

***Check this out! It's Kyle's plane ticket arrangements for the international internship he'll have this summer!

As much as I will miss him being around here this summer, I'm really happy excited for him. I guess he had to grow up some time...

***The dog in this video plays "dead" better than I could ever imagine Steve or Milo doing. Still, I'm tempted to try.

***Looking for a recipe to put you in the mood for spring? Try my Mini Key Lime Cheesecakes, and don't be afraid to Like my Mrs.4444 Cooks Facebook page, if you are so inclined.

***I wrote a heartfelt post about my dad last week. I worried a little that some family members might be offended by it, but it's my reality, so I left it up.

***I also wrote a random post called Time for an Owl post and more than quadrupled the usual number of visits to a post; I guess people really like owls, but that cracks me up!

***I've been moved by the slow-but-sure development of my 50th birthday cake!  The big day is the 26th of this month, and I worry a little that I won't be able to convince 50 people to do random acts of kindness in my honor, but I have convinced nine, so far, and their acts have been so wonderful! :)  (Note: I've added comments to parts of the document; wherever you see a tan-ish color, if you click on that, the comment will pop up in the right-hand sidebar.)

***I took this photo this week and used Google+'s CinemaScope filter to jazz it up a little. It makes me happy.

***On Saturday, I'm dropping Kendall and her friend off at the Maroon 5 concert in Chicago after dinner at Lou Malnati's. I know I should be going with them (It's going to be "amazing!"), but I rather look forward to meeting up with a blogging friend (or six), instead. Anyone care to join us?

Your turn! Link up your Friday Fragments here, and don't be afraid to meet a new fragmenter! :)

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