Thursday, April 4, 2013

Heard in the Classroom: Colorful Conversation

We've had a lot of people (kids and adults) out with viruses lately--the gross kinds.   Five minutes after a lecture I gave to our class about handwashing, eating right, getting enough sleep, avoid getting sick, Artie tugged on my shirt sleeve for a side-conversation.

Can I ask you something?


What color was it?

What color was what?

Your vomit.

What vomit?!

The last time you vomited; what color was it?

I don't know, Artie; probably yellowish-red or something.

You and me both! I hope you don't mind this....

He reaches out, grabs my arm, and fake vomits into my elbow.

My sentiments, exactly...

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  1. My grandsons are getting close to the age (if I remember correctly) for these fun conversations.
    I can hardly wait:)


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