Thursday, July 11, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #257

As you probably know, Friday Fragments is currently being hosted by Unknown Mami this summer, so you will find the linky there. However, I thought I would take this time to check in.

***In a shocking turn of events, I have been exercising. It's only a few times per week, but it's hardcore stuff, I'm telling you. It feels good. In other news to make you worry about my sanity, I've registered for my first (and second) "Color Run" events (September). Clearly, I'm going off the deep end.

***Who knew that having nine children could wreak such havoc on a woman's hips? My mom knows; she has been scheduled to receive a new hip on July 22nd. Prayers for an uneventful surgery and subsequent healing are appreciated.

***I have been working on a book (nonfiction), which should please many who hound me regularly about such things. It's just a solid outline, so far, and it's nothing entertaining, but I feel passionate about the topic, so I'm enjoying it.

***Milo and Steve are doing great!

***I also bought a new car. What?! It's not my fault the compressor went out on my old one and Honda was offering an excellent deal! I am now the proud owner of an Accord SE-L Coupe!

***Kendall and I will attend Freshman/Parent Orientation at the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis next week. That's exciting!

***Kyle is loving his experience in Argentina but looking forward to coming home to his sweetheart, Alayna, as well.

***I've been tutoring daily, and I'm really glad; it's allowed me to improve my skills, as well as those of my students, so it's a win-win.

***I bought a new Smart Phone, and I LOVE it. I first bought an iPhone 5 and didn't see what was so great about it, having had an android previously and having found it met my needs. I just didn't like the smaller screen, nor the clunky steps I had to follow to call someone in my contact list. Plus, my new car wasn't playing so well with the iPhone, so as they were working on it at AT&T, I wandered over to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active--and fell head over heels in love! My car loves it, too, and even started showing off some of its hands-free skills (like asking me if I wanted it to read my incoming messages to me! Heck yes!) shortly after I introduced it to my new phone. I love it.

***Even Mr.4444 is coveting my new phone; he especially loves the larger screen and intuitive skills, and he is a new iPhone owner, as well.  Speaking of Mr.4444, he's looking forward to the "big event" on Monday; you know, the one he practiced for, last time. I've made sure he has the right date on the calendar...

So, yeah; I'm going through a midlife "transition," and I'm totally owning it. What's new with you?

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