Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Love on a Leash

Since Mr.4444 was out of town last week, I had to find places for Milo and Steve when Kendall and I went to Minnesota. Frankly, I could make money letting people take care of Milo (everyone wants him!) but Steve is a bigger dog (though a gentle and loving one), so it feels like I'm imposing to ask anyone to take him. Enter Love on a Leash, a small, Green Bay business that provides a dog-sitting service at a reasonable price. Kim was wonderful and even decided to take Steve to her house (rather than drive 15 minutes to our house three times a day) so that he could have more company and have more fun. While I was gone, she even sent photos of Steve having a ball with his new buddies, so I felt really comfortable having her take care of him. Here are a couple of shots she sent via text:

All tuckered out!

Doesn't look like he misses us a bit! :)

Kim dropped Steve off at home so that he was already here when we arrived.
It was so nice to be home again after my stressful "episode," 
and I laid right down on the floor and let Steve and Milo smother me with kisses.
It's great to be home.

Kim is super-organized, bonded, professional, and an obvious pet-lover. 
Her rates are also reasonable.
If you live in the area, I highly recommend her.
You can find her Facebook page here.

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