Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Milo's Excellent Adventure

Wondering what Milo's been up to lately? 
Well, he's loving me being at home this summer.

He's also been lovin' on my mom occasionally (with Steve, too, of course).
(She was giggling like a school girl in this photo.)

Sometimes, I'm able to take Milo in the car with me when I run an errand. 
He's even been to school with me a couple of times. 
When I can take him with me, he is absolutely thrilled, 
and the little dance he does when he thinks he's going someplace with me warms my heart, 
so I recently made a purchase that allows me to take Milo on bike rides with me. 
That's right; we've put on more than 30 miles, so far. Check it out!

Amazing, right?! It's called the Snoozer Sporty Pet Bike Basket, and no, it wasn't cheap, 
but it's not cheaply-made, either, and it's perfect.
 The first time, I just took Milo on a tiny little spin in the neighborhood, 
and when I put him down, he waited by the bike to go on another ride :)

We mostly ride rural roads, 
on which Milo is being exposed to critters he has never seen before.

How cute is this?

For those worried about Milo's safety, it may help to know that he wears a harness 
(instead of a collar), and the harness is connected to the basket by a very sturdy strap; 
there's no way he could jump out if he tried. 
He doesn't try, especially not when he saw these cows; he was shaking! :)

This photo from the website shows the extra pockets and zippered compartments.
It even has a rainfly that velcros on the top! 

Just for fun, I made a little video of our first ride*. 
It's a little windy/noisy, but you'll get the idea. 
BTW, part way through the video, you'll hear my RunKeeper app chime in with our stats
(It obviously keeps track of bike rides, too.).

Poor Milo is going to be very sad when I go back to school.
Maybe we should get DogTV?

*You'll notice that I ride on the "wrong" side of the road. I do that simply because I am paranoid about people driving and texting and feel very uncomfortable when cars approach me from behind. This way, I can see a car coming my way and can tell when they've seen me (They always move towards the center of the road.) I figure I can always ride into the ditch if they're heading for me this way.

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