Thursday, August 15, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #262

Welcome! Have you been making the most of your summer? I sure have! I'm happy for the chance to sit for a minute and free up some of the fragments clogging my mind. Thanks for joining me. [If this is your first time linking up, please check out the ins and outs of Friday Fragments here.]

***We've had a whirlwind of visitors this summer, and I'm loving it, but I've spent the last two weeks or so grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning up, and starting all over again, it seems.

***I always find it amusing that I'm trying to make the summer slow down, while millions of parents are wishing it would hurry up and end so that they can get the kids back to school! :)

***Speaking of school, my tutoring ended Monday, and I'm very happy with the gains made by the students I worked with--It was totally worth all of our time.

***Kyle came home from Argentina a week ago and hit the ground running, hanging with cousins and family that weekend, and then packing up to move into a new apartment in Milwaukee on Tuesday. Fortunately, I didn't have to say goodbye then, as we are going camping this weekend as a family (with Kyle's girlfriend Alayna joining us!) This will be our only camping trip this summer, as well as our last hurrah as a family; I'm so happy that we'll all be together.

***I've found another great salad recipe. It's nothing like I've made before, especially given that the pasta noodles are rings, which I'd never heard of until our lunch with my cousin Ed. If you're interested, you can find the Chicken Pasta Salad recipe here.

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