Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Very Special Lunch

Last summer, I met a distant cousin, Edwin, at this first-ever family reunion. (He's third from the left, in front.)

While in Minnesota for Kendall's college orientation in July, we enjoyed a lovely lunch with Ed, who is 93 but loves to have company and is very sharp, so he goes all out; it was such a pleasure. Here's a photo of the table that greeted Kendall and me when we arrived:

With the exception of the chips, Ed made everything from scratch; a delicious pasta salad, a lettuce salad with a poppyseed dressing, homemade rolls (gluten-free, even; he had an extra place set for a friend with dietary restrictions). Ed said he keeps notecards on what he serves each guest who comes for a meal; he never wants to serve them the same thing again. He also asked me not to tell my brother (who visited last summer) that we, too, were treated to rhubarb torte (his dear departed wife's recipe). "We don't want anyone to think they're not special," Ed teased.

When I got up to start clearing the lunch table, Ed grabbed my arm firmly and told me, "Don't you dare! I have all afternoon to do the dishes; I don't want to waste previous visiting time doing the dishes!" I couldn't argue!

Ed is a delightful man; funny, smart, full of love for family. He is an interior designer who has a big book full of photos and stories about homes he designed for Minnesota's rich and famous back in the day. Ed's apartment is filled with interesting treasures, as well as gorgeous drapes and bedding that he made himself. He is also a big collector of family history and has a large number of albums full of neatly-organized artifacts and stories.

Ed also has some of his son's artwork on display in his home. Ed Caldie II(?) is an incredibly gifted painter, as you can see here.

Kendall and I feel richer for having spent some time with Ed. I very much look forward to seeing him again, as gentlemen like him are not a dime a dozen, as you know. 

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