Thursday, August 29, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #264

 Feeling frazzled, disconnected, or cluttered?
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Friday Fragments is the perfect place to release your randomness!
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It took me long enough to update my header, right?! I was inspired by this helpful how-to post. I'm not sure how the header looks in all browsers; maybe I need to adjust the width? Let me know if it looks weird from your point of view, please. Thanks.

In the category of This Is So Cool, I found this in my Google+ photos (accidentally) this week. Google took a series of photos I'd uploaded of my niece and her entourage when they visited a couple of weeks ago and turned it into a gif. I love it!

Previous fragment aside, I am really not a fan of the way Google+ handles photos when I upload them myself; I think it's very un-user-friendly. Once I figure out how to open them, I do love the editing features. 

I shared a review for a great nonfiction book this week. It's called How to Be Angry

I officially headed back to work last Tuesday and have barely taken a breath since.

It's mindblowing to me that there are people who think nothing of waiting until the last minute to enroll their child with special needs into a new school.  We got four new kids this week alone. 

Both of my children are thriving in college and loving their lives. 
Is there anything more that a parent could a parent ask for?

Okay, enough about me. How about you? Link up your Friday Fragments post below and make some new friends :) Have a great weekend.

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