Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sibling Silliness

One of the biggest blessings of parenting comes when your kids grow up to become friends.
Kyle and Kendall are just that.
This photo proves it.

No, really; it does. Maybe this one will show it a little better:

Wasn't that strange?!  (Those are photos of the weird results.) 
I haven't used my photo printer in years, and this is the original photo that it distorted like crazy: 

They look so normal.
Little did you know that there were several other shots not so normal,
and they show the true friendship between these two.

In case you're wondering, they were mocking the way college freshmen allegedly pose for photos; 
that's what they claim, anyway (I'm a little out of that loops, so I can't confirm.).

Goofy kids--No wonder the printer was acting so crazy...

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