Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sundays in My City: Family Time

My niece, Alyssa, and her three kids are visiting for the weekend. It's been too long--We are having such a nice time, and it's flying by. Hanging out, playing with Milo and Steve, visiting local sites, enjoying sweets, football game Friday night for Alyssa and her cousin, campfires, sleeping outside in a tent--Lots of fun. Alyssa better make sure she does a headcount before leaving today! :) Here are some snaps to explain why I've been so absent from HPKT this weekend!

Farmers Market haul--Flowers for Great Grandma Elsie, kringles for breakfast, and lots of yummy veggies and fruit!

Visiting Great-Grandma on her last day at the rehab facility; she's home now!!

Playing with the dogs...

And finding frogs in our woods...

 Riding the Zippin Pippin (among other things) at Bay Beach Amusement Park 
(a Green Bay landmark)

and, of course, bumper cars!

Hanging with cousins...

Out for frozen yogurt!

Wrestling with Kyle (who arrived home on Friday night!)

A wonderful family dinner on Saturday night (19 of us), 
followed by S'mores and a little concert by Kendall around the campfire.

At least three of us cried during Hallelujah; soooo beautiful.

The kids once asked if we are rich.
I told them "Most definitely; we are rich with love."

And very, very grateful.

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Unknown Mami

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