Monday, September 2, 2013

Fair P.S.

In one of my Sundays in My City posts, I shared a few shots from the Shawano County Fair,
which Mr.4444 and I attended on one of our first empty-nesters outings.

Just a coincidence, I assured this fellow.

I had to write another post, though, because we saw so many interesting things at the fair,
such as this:

I'd lived 50 years without seeing a young man spraying hair spray on his cow's tiny little mohawk 
(which was about 1/2 inch tall and went from the base of her tail to the top of her head).

This little girl clearly adored her little bunny; when I asked if I could take her photo, 
she rushed over to a little bench 
and said that was where she "usually" got her picture taken with her bunny. 
Isn't she a cutie pie?

George was a rooster in the bird barn (or whatever it's called), 
and he was so spastic that it took me a least six shots to capture a glimpse of him for this post.

 This lad appeared to be using his cow for a napping pillow, but upon further review, 
it became clear that he was either texting or playing a game on his phone. Still, cute.

A Wisconsin fair classic, deep-fried cheese curds. (They were just okay.)

This, of course, caught my eye.

(I hate apostrophe abuse.)

Isn't this cow pretty?

Call me a weirdo, but I thought this big hog had a cute little butt:

I took this photo because Alecia is the daughter of a coworker who teaches Agriscience.
He must be a good teacher, as his daughter's hog took the Grand Prize. 
Check out the price she got for all her hard work.
(Most of the hogs we saw had been sold for around $3 per pound.)

 Is it just me, or does her hog appear to be smiling?

And finally, something else we had never seen before,
our first-ever cow tattoo sighting.

Apparently even cows can be loved.
Only in Wisconsin?

And no; we did not bring anything home to fill our empty nest,

but I may have come home with a tattoo.

Only kidding.

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