Thursday, September 19, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #267

Welcome! Make yourself at home!
If you're here to free your mind of fragments, you've come to the right place; 
gather up the bits and pieces of your week that didn't make it into complete posts
and link them up for a Friday Fragments post.

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Wanna be happy? See how many of these habits are ones you practice.

Last night, I had to stay up an hour later than I wanted to, because the sheets for the bed were in the washer, wet. I hate when that happens.

I bought groceries for a friend of Kendall's to deliver to her tomorrow. 
When I got home from the store, I put the bags on the kitchen counter
and promptly forgot about them 
until the next morning.

I'm beginning to see a pattern.

Google has invited me to something new: Google Helpouts.
It's a service at which people from all walks of life and all skill and interest levels
can offer helping services via Hangouts. For example, I could hang up a shingle of sorts that offers help with any number of topics, for free or for a fee.
I'm not really sure whether I'll accept or not, 
as I'm not sure what anyone would want to pay me to help them with. 
Maybe tutoring? 
It's too bad I couldn't get paid to share my talent for forgetting stuff. 


On Saturday, I'll be participating in a local Run or Dye with some coworkers and a friend.
Don't be to impressed; it's nothing rigorous or anything. 
I just plan to walk and socialize; should be fun.

That's it for me! How about you?
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