Thursday, September 26, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #268

Bits and pieces are great for peanut brittle, but in the human mind, 
they can get a little scratchy and annoying,
so Friday Fragments is here to sweep the randomness out your head. 
Thanks for being here.
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A student who rarely says a word approached me yesterday morning and said, 
"If you see me crying today, it's because I lost my hamster." 
Poor kid.

Today, he told me that Freckles had been found.
Then he said he had a headache.
Moments later, 
he puked all over his desk, the floor, and parts of the kid sitting next to him,
poor kid(s).

I love it when a kid grows up and lives like you taught him/her to live;
what a gratifying feeling.

A 100-foot span of a major bridge in Green Bay (the Leo Frigo Bridge) sort of "melted down" over a span of eight hours Wednesday night, leaving a significant dip in the road by about 4:30am, when a few drivers call 911 to report it. It was caused by the fact that the support beneath it was built on a swamp. Although the timing is very bad (we have an extreme amount of construction going on on the other main drag in town), I am very happy that not a single person was hurt.

That's it for me. I look forward to catching up with you; kindly leave your Friday Fragments link below.

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