Sunday, September 29, 2013

Proud Mama Alert

*participating in high-level meetings
*leading marketing endeavors
*spearheading all social media initiatives
*assisting in creating global and local partnerships
*managing collaborations and consulting members
*providing insight on website development

Not exactly the job duties you'd expect from a college intern, are they? Imagine my pride to learn that those describe exactly what my son, Kyle, was doing this summer in Buenos Aires Argentina during his internship with StartUp Buenos Aires. I had known much of it, of course, from talking to him while he was there, but he recently shared his portfolio with me, and seeing the duties listed there (by his supervisor in her evaluation of him) it kind of made my heart swell. And, as if that wasn't enough to make me burst with pride, there were these bits:

"His growth and passion for knowledge well exceeded our expectations"
"...thrived under the new and changing intercultural work environment"
"...quickly adapted and became an invaluable member of our team"
"He exceeded all expectations and left some very big shoes for our next intern to fill"
"Kyle was a valuable member of our team, and his efforts have left a lasting imprint on the city of Buenos Aires and the Startup Buenos Aires community."

Wow. Just wow.

A board member of StartUp Buenos Aires also wrote this:

"Kyle 4444 is a star, exactly the kind of person I look to hire. A man of integrity, if Kyle says he will do it, he will have it done and done well; you can set your watch to it. Kyle is always on top of his game and follows through beautifully. He's mindful to actively acknowledge the hard work of others."

It's one thing to think your kid is wonderful; it's another thing when you hear someone who hasn't changed his diapers confirm it.

Thank you for indulging me by reading this post; I'm just so proud and happy for Kyle.  He has a lot of irons in the fire right now, and although some of it's a little scary (because he's only 21 and has been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug), I'm trusting in his ability to aim high and reach his goals.

I can't wait to see what's next!

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