Thursday, October 3, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #269

Welcome to Friday Fragments,
where clutter is nothing to be ashamed of; 
gather up your random thoughts and sweep them into a Friday Fragments post.
It's the best way to enter the weekend free and unencumbered.
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I am heartened by the fact that mismatched socks appear to be gaining in fashion 
(Kids wear them all the time with no shame.) 
It gives me hope that one day in the future, 
I may appear stylish wearing two different earrings.

I stumbled upon an awesome startup company yesterday, called Goldie-Blox
It's an app and toy that encourage little girls to explore engineering. 
If I knew a little girl the right age, 
I would definitely buy one 
and am even thinking of getting one and donating it to my school district.

Speaking of startups, even though you may have read my Proud Mama Alert
you may have missed the fact that Kyle's supervisor (to whom I referred in the post) 
was actually alerted by Google that I'd written the post, 
and she replied. 
OMG--I freaked out a little and then realized I could calm down; 
it wasn't like I made the story up or something!haha

Today during Language Arts class, Mrs. C and I played Kendall's Hallelujah song for our students to listen to as they journaled. They loved it. 
One sweet little girl asked shyly if Kendall sings for a living; so sweet.

Speaking of Kendall, she's coming home this weekend!!
Need I say more?

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Have a great weekend!

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