Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sundays in My City: Wisconsin Weekend

We had a beautiful weekend here in Wisconsin, 
with the exception of Sunday morning, but more on that later. 
Mr.4444 and I went to our local Farmers Market on Saturday on the recommendation 
that we experience the "Bacon Wagon" breakfast. 
Our chef wore a tutu and cow costume. 
In front of his griddle was a sign which read something like, 

Attention Customers: It was brought to our attention last weekend 
that one of our employees looked "crabby." 
This week, he is being publicly shamed. 
Thank you for your business. Have a nice day!

In case you're worried, that was a joke, 
and although the chef does appear serious, 
he cheerfully made this amazing breakfast burrito for me.

While we ate, we enjoyed some music 
and the dancing accompaniment of these two little cutie pies.

These elementary school classmates were some of the best sales people I've ever had the pleasure of being solicited by. They were raising money to save dogs and cats. Aren't they adorable?

This large wreath for sale at another table fascinated me;

it's made from wood shavings, and since I've never seen a giant pink pencil, I'm still wondering...

We bought a nice produce supply and case of tomatoes,
 and Mr.4444 spent the rest of the day making some delicious salsa 
and some spaghetti sauce. 

With Kendall gone, it was up to me to get Mr.4444's toes ready for the football season.
They look pretty amazing, if I do say so myself!

This was the Game Day forecast:

Arriving at Lambeau in full rain gear,
we were amused to receive free sunglasses at the gate,
and so we improvised.

The rain stopped shortly after kickoff, thank goodness,

and the Packers won, capping off an ideal weekend!

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visit Unknown Mami's Sundays in m City!

Unknown Mami

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