Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #271

It's finally fall, here in Wisconsin, and the fragments are falling;
mine are fragments of many colors and varieties.
Thanks for showing up to rake.
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I have discovered yoga (power vinyasa heated yoga, to be exact).
I love it, a lot. 
It makes me feel strong and smart.
I'm finally taking care of myself with a physical activity
 that doesn't require jumping or running,

The Difference Makers went to an animal shelter today.
This little guy will be looking for a home in couple of weeks. 
Isn't he sweet?

After playing with puppies, the girls filled Kong treats for tonight's snacks.

Then they played with nearly ever cat in the place.

What's really precious is that the young lady in the blue shirt 
always does what she can to avoid my camera, 
but this time, she was the one who suggested a photo. Isn't that sweet?

You're not going to believe this, but I hit a dog with my car last night.
I'm not sure how the dog is doing tonight (I'm afraid to ask.), 
but she clearly needed medical attention last night, 
as did my car.

Yes, as a matter of fact, that is the same car that I purchased in July,
the same car that was splattered with shattered glass in a freak accident 
for which I have yet to be reimbursed my deductible
following $3200 in repairs.

The dog was hit because it's owners don't take care of it;
just yesterday (the neighbors told me), she (the dog) had been rescued from the road 
by a neighbor who called the owner and had to wait two hours for the dog to be picked up.
The other neighbor told me that the dog is often in his garage, running loose.
The owner was cited for not having the dog under control.
I hope the poor dog is okay.

In order to end this on a positive note, 
I'll share that Mr.4444 and I will be seeing Kendall this weekend. 

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