Thursday, October 24, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #272

I'm taking up a collection of fragments, bits and pieces from our weeks.
too small to be stand-alone posts, but too good to toss.
Thanks for stopping by.
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Just two gems that I stumbled upon tonight:

 New people won’t stop coming into your life, and opportunities won’t stop knocking on the door,
 but you need to have the space for them. 
In all you currently have– be them relationships or obligations– step back and ask yourself “why.” 
If you can find the answer, hold tighter.
 If the answer escapes you, it’s time to let something go.

Leggings, no matter how much we wish, will never one day magically transform into pants. Wearing them with tops that don’t cover your bum is not cute. Please, please, please stock up on pants. 

My cousin's creative dog Halloween costume is taking the Internet by storm!
I'm not even kidding; tonight, McKenna and Tottie are being flown to NEW YORK CITY to be on GOOD MORNING AMERICA TOMORROW! 
How cool is that?!
 You can help this small-town girl and her sweet pug win $25,000 by clicking here
scrolling down, and clicking one more time; it's that simple.
Thank you!

Speaking of cute dogs, a friend of mine told me that she's having Milo and Steve photo withdrawals on Facebook, so I figured you might also appreciate an update:

Bath time!

One could hardly tell this is the same dog...
(Note the wagging tail; he is such a cutie pie.)

What? A modeling gig? Will there be treats involved?
I'm here for my close-up!

BlogHer 2014 is in San Jose, California,
and I am going to go if I have to sell a kidney!
Soooo excited!

Okay, that's it for me; your turn!
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