Saturday, October 26, 2013

My 15 Minutes of Pinup "Fame"

This week, at work, the subject of my modeling back in the day somehow came up, and I brought my portfolio in to work to share with a few colleagues (We laughed sooo hard at some of the shots!!!) Seeing the photos again reminded me of a funny story. Well, it was funny to me, anyway...

A long, long time ago (more than 25 years ago), I did some modeling to supplement my income as a college student. I wasn't living at home at the time, so my parents knew little about it.

Back Story:  My dad worked as the maintenance manager of a building in Green Bay that included a floor that housed an architectural firm. 

One day, my dad took a double-take at the drafting table of an architect who had a full-sized poster of...could it be...his daughter (?!) pinned up. Dad demanded to know where the man had gotten the poster, and the architect (having no idea who the girl in the poster was) apparently decided to lie; he told Dad that the model had given it to him. Well, that wasn't going to sit with my dad; he didn't know anything about the photo of his daughter, but he wasn't going to have any man oggling her. He knew I wouldn't have given a poster of myself to someone I didn't even know; he was ticked and demanded the poster be removed! Well, as much clout as Dad had in the building, he didn't have any with this architect, so the man declined Dad's directive. Somehow, Dad got ahold of the poster anyway (probably after hours) and took it home that night, calling me as soon as he walked through the door.

After explaining the story to me, Dad declared that the photo looked exactly like me and that he knew the guy had been "full of sh-t" about having received it from me. Was he right? Was the photo really me? He insisted on knowing. 

I had no idea what my dad was talking about, as I'd never seen any poster of myself, so I drove over to see it. I obviously recognized the photo but had to talk to the photographer to get the details. He'd apparently blown up the photo to poster-size and had it reproduced for distribution at a tradeshow. Mystery solved.

The architect, poor guy, was probably on my dad's sh-t list for the rest of his career, and he never got his poster back!
Nice shoes, huh?

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