Thursday, January 23, 2014

Friday Fragments: Episode #285

OMG--It's an hour from publishing time, and I just realized I needed to set up the Friday Fragments post. I'm going to call these freaking fragments, because I am freaking out tonight (See fragment below). Anyway, thanks for being here!

***I'm presenting tomorrow at our district in-service. I'll be presenting Google Forms, and it's really not a huge deal, but it's my style to wait til the last minute to prepare and then run around the house every hour or so, "squealing" the stress out. Yeah; I do this screaming/squealing thing when I am stressing out--Good thing I'm alone, though the dogs are looking at me a little funny.

***It could be worse; I could be a stress-drinker; then I'd get nothing accomplished!

***As I typed then just now, I decided that I will do another grammar post, one of these days (like Yeah! Yah! Yay! Yey!, which I posted yesterday) to help anyone who's interested in learning when to use then vs. than.

***Google paid me $41 this week in revenues from my YouTube videos, which (shockingly) have been viewed 54,730 times, which makes me laugh; people have a lot of time on their hands!LOL The video I made for getting the Otterbox case off my phone has 21,000 views on it, which accounts for $17.48 cents of that $41; you'd think the Otterbox folks would have made their own video by now.haha

***In the spirit of Google Forms, if you'd please answer one (or two) of these questions for me, regarding my Disqus commenting system on Half-Past Kissin' Time, I'd appreciate it! (Responses will be shared immediately with anyone who completes the form, so keep it reasonably clean! :) Thanks!

***I'm also going out of town tomorrow, directly from school, and I'm not packed. Enough procrastinating--back to my stressfest!

Have a great weekend!

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