Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sundays in My City

Unknown Mami

Sundays in My City is a weekly photo meme hosted by the lovely and talented Unknown Mami. My photos are all food-related. I apologize if you're starving; this won't help.

My friend Dawn and I traveled to Southern Wisconsin Friday evening for the special birthday party of a very special friend (Hi, Shawna!)  In the morning, we met for breakfast at a place called Uncle Mike's Highway Pub, in Kenosha. My Virgin Mary included a beefstick, a dill pickle, and pickled onion, mushroom, and asparagus. So delicious....

(Sidenote:  Are bloodies enjoyed all over the world, or just in some places?) 

I also requested a half-order of "Everything But the Kitchen Sink". The bed is hashbrowns with onions, green pepper, mushrooms, sausage, and cheese; it's topped with eggs and toast. It was so much food that I could only finish half of it.

After breakfast and goodbyes, Dawn and I headed to a place called River Valley Ranch & Kitchens, a tiny farm-type shop that sells dehydrated mushrooms and a number of other gourmet food items. (It sounded interesting, and it was; they even sell do-it-yourself mushroom-growing kits.) I bought some of their delicious 5-Cheese Garlic Spread for our friends who were dogsitting.

After that, we headed north to Whole Foods, where my son Kyle works! He happened to heading to work around the same time that we arrived, so that was awesome, but we don't have a Whole Foods near Green Bay, so I was doubly excited to make the stop. It was so great to see Kyle (and Alayna, his sweet girlfriend, who stopped in to say hi, too).

I could stand in the Whole Foods produce section all day, taking pictures;

the whole store is filled with eye candy.

 Yes; I did manage to resist the temptation of these...

Believe it or not, we went from Whole Foods to Trader Joe's and bought more stuff. I just love this ginger candy...

And who can resist "Two-Buck Chuck"?

So, my belly is full, and so are my fridge and cupboards.

My wallet; not so much. It's a good thing I can't shop regularly in the Milwaukee area.

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