Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cookie Jar Controversy

I was twelve when my last grandparent passed away, and I barely knew him, my dad's dad, Granville. We visited him now and then, and I remember hugging and kissing him goodbye each time, but that's about it. I remember only one thing about his wife, Grandma Blanche, who passed away long before that (when I was eight); I remember her giving us cookies from a koala bear cookie jar much like this one:

click photo for source

I have my own retro cookie jar.
It came to us from Mr.4444's grandma, Florence.
Isn't he cute?

I rarely make cookies, and I try to eat them even less often,
but I love our cookie jar, so he has a place of prominence in our kitchen,
and he holds cookies approximately five days per year.

One day, I may be giving cookies from it to my grandchildren,
but today my cookie jar holds treats for a different kind of treat-lover.

I just decided to put them in there this morning, and just now, I told Mr.4444 about it.
He's mortified; he says it's a sacrilege (against cookies, not against God) 
and that I need to move them before I completely ruin the "aura" of the cookie jar.
He said, "Ask any of your friends; they'll agree with me."

Now, I don't need anyone else to tell me to take them out; 
I'll do it because I love Mr.4444 and live to make him happy, of course.[wink]
However, I am interested in your opinion;
Are you appalled? Amused? Indifferent? Something else?

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