Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Fragments: Episode #295

It's time to formally  kick off the Fraggin' Fantastic Tercentennial Celebration!
On Friday, May 9th, I will post the 300th Friday Fragment episode,
so I figured that was worth celebrating.
There will be prizes and fragments galore!
Yes, prizes!
To learn how to enter the FFTC giveaway, click the button in my sidebar or here.

And now, let's frag! 
Collect the bits and pieces of randomness from your week, 
put them together in the easiest post you'll write all week, and link up!
[To learn the rules for Friday Fragments posts, please click the tab above.]
I'll kick the party off!


Anyone else think that my page is taking forever to load?


Here's a gem from the middle school classroom this week. I posted it on Instagram with this caption: Kids journal the darnedest things!

To be completely honest, when I learned that my natural color was no longer blonde (of course I'd suspected it for a while), I embraced the idea of switching over to brown, and I actually liked it. Now, I'm over it and plan to find a middle ground.

I really love this photo, shared on Facebook this week by someone in Argentina who works there with my son Kyle. Guess which one is my kid.haha

***The sap was running beautifully yesterday, and I collected 15 gallons of sap (from 27 taps). Today I collected another fifteen! We'll start cooking this weekend!

I received some great feedback on my Google presentation a couple of weeks ago,
which is nice.

Alrighty then! Now it's your turn. Link up your own Friday Fragments post and earn five entries in the FFTC giveway! Then mingle a little with some of the other party guests; we're a friendly bunch! Have a great weekend.

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