Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sundays in My City: Shrektastic Show

I attended Opening Night of our middle school's production of Shrek last week. 
As usual, it did not disappoint.

It was a great musical to choose, 
because there were so many parts, with lots of opportunities for kids to shine.

The gingerbread boy was hilarious and adorable.

 The kids were terrific, and the costumes, not surprisingly, were amazing. 
Lord Farquaad was hilarious and a great singer.
[To see the secret behind his tiny stature, you can watch a how-to video from another school here.]

 The sets, too, were beyond what one would expect from a middle school production. 
This one is just one of many, and the others were incredible, 
but I was so into the show that I forgot to take shots of the scenery.

These two could sing and act; they were terrific.

But this young lady, who played Donkey? 

She was fantastic; funny, charming, and a great singer, too. 
 I'm excited that, with any luck, I'll get to see her in future musical productions.

This is my first time in ten or eleven years attending a school musical 
that didn't have one of my own children in it; I'm going to miss those days!
I've always been a fan of musical productions performed by kids;
so, as long as I'm a teacher, I'll be getting plenty of opportunities.

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