Monday, April 14, 2014


I've been wanting to change my profile pics, since I decided to change my hair color back.
I also thought I'd share an update with Steve and Milo in it.

Taking pictures with pets can be challenging.

No matter what camera you use, you can end up with less than satisfactory shots.

However, some of the "bad" ones can still be cute.

Steve's not feeling well this weekend, but he's never thrilled to be embraced.

Milo, though, generally cooperates.

Cost of taking Steve to the vet at 12am on Saturday night
to find out why he was hacking and retching all day
and hasn't eaten normally in days?


Cost of the companionship of this adorable face?


P.S. The vet's best guess is Bordetella. If the prescrips don't work, the next step will be a scope into one of his lungs to see if there's a piece of stick (his favorite "snack") in there), since sticks don't show up on x-rays, apparently. Fingers crossed that we won't have to go that route!

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