Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Will the Holiday Meal Knock You Off-Course?

Heading to an Easter banquet table (or two) this weekend? We’re going to an all-you-can-eat Easter buffet for lunch on Sunday; it will be my first feasting occasion since recently committing to a healthy eating lifestyle (with the ultimate goal of decreasing my cholesterol) and I’m pretty sure that eggs benedict and fried chicken don’t fit in that plan.  I know a lot of people will say that it’s okay to throw goals out the window for one day, but for me, I truly want to eat healthy that day, not out of sacrifice, but simply out of choosing to “eat to live.”
I just called the brunch venue and learned that these are the meat options:
roast beef, baked haddock, broasted chicken, baked ham, sausage links, bacon, and eggs
Unless you’re a vegan, your mouth is watering right now, too; right? My plan is to choose the haddock, and I’m going to skip the eggs and bacon section of the buffet altogether.  I’m committed to not eating refined sugar, so I’ll be skipping the dessert table, too, though that’s gotten easier since I stopped eating fake sugar.  In addition, I plan to make sure that I have a healthy dinner planned so that lunch can be my main meal and dinner can be guilt-free. Rather than feeling underprivileged that day, I’m pretty sure I’ll feel fine; eating healthy foods is part of the way that I live now, so as long as there are options for me, I think I’ll be okay.
How about you? Have you set goals for yourself that holiday meals make difficult to reach? What’s your plan? Or do you plan to just wing it?

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