Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Birthday Spankings and Other Traditions

 A naughty little dog turns two today.

Just so you know, I'm not dog-crazy; there will be no cake or party or even a present
(unless you count a treat).
I just noticed the occasion on the calendar today and had taken this shot yesterday of Milo, 
who has been exuberantly digging holes in the woods for days and is absolutely filthy.

Speaking of birthdays, when I was a kid, we celebrated birthdays this way:

Mom made a cake, and there was ice cream.
We didn't have to do the dishes that day.
We got birthday "spankings" from Dad and birthday kisses from Mom 
(in that order)
I only remember birthday parties that were captured on film, 
(I think they were rare.)
I don't remember a single birthday present, although I'm sure I received them.

Milo might get a couple of birthday spankings. 

Ha--We both know I'm kidding;
I'll probably be the one getting his birthday kisses.

How about you?
Now I'm wondering if other people celebrated childhood birthdays
 with spankings, kisses, or something else.

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