Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sundays in My City: Goody Triathlon

Unknown Mami

Three years ago, special education teacher in my school district started a triathlon for students with special needs. Regular education students are paired up with the athletes as they swim, bike, and run a total of 10 kilometers.

On Friday, some of my colleagues and I brought our classes over to cheer at the finish line. 
It was awesome.

The determination on those kids' faces was inspiring. 

Some of them made me feel lazy;

this young lady gave it her all at the finish.

And this little guy?

He warmed my heart.

I love the faces of the buddies in the back, and that's "Goody", on the left.

At the last second,

he ducked under the "tape,"

maybe because he doesn't let little obstacles get in his way,

or maybe because he wanted to keep going.

I have no idea, but it made everyone smile.

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