Thursday, May 8, 2014

Friday Fragments: Episode #300!!!

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Toss the confetti, toot your party horns; it's time to celebrate!
Welcome to the 300th episode of Friday Fragments,
and your last chance to enter and win one of these fabulous prizes!

$25 Amazon Gift Card
$25 iTunes Gift Card
$25 Petco Gift Card
A book gift basket from author Doreen McGettigan
An 8 x 10 Memory Art Print from Artistix Network, LLC 

The giveaway ends at midnight on Friday night.
Lord only knows when I'll find the time to sort through the entries and see who the winners are,
but my goal is to make the announcement by Sunday.

I want to thank the Academy, my family, pets, and students for providing so much blog fodder,
plus my 6th grade teacher, Miss Johnson, who always encouraged me to write.
It has been a pleasure getting to know you and interacting with some of you since 2008,
when Friday Fragments was born.
Like my first-ever FF post reads,

*I just want to say thanks for checking in. I have to admit it; I am hooked on this blogging thing; 
I have loved "meeting" all of you, reading what you so freely pour from your hearts
and reading your sweet, funny, inspiring perspectives. You rock!

Thanks for being here. Time for some fragments!

I have been a weekday vegan for about three weeks, now, and I feel great.
I had no idea one could eat nothing but veggies, fruit, seeds, and nuts and feel satisfied and actually full.
(Mr.4444 is sticking to the meat-and-potatoes diet, so we kind of meet in the middle on the weekends.)

Kyle shared a new business called Acorn with me. It's very intriguing; the concept is that you link your bank account, and whenever you make a purchase, it rounds the amount up and invests the difference for you. It's not quite ready for prime time yet, but if you'd like to learn more, click the link here.

Did you know that you can now edit photos within a Google doc? While I haven't tried it out yet, I am very excited about it. You can find the details here.

Remember the time I solicited vacation destination ideas and never actually used them? (Sorry) Well, Mr.4444 are getting closer and closer to taking a vacation together!! That's right; I have contacted a real, live travel agent (for the first time in my life) and am awaiting her proposals. It's a great feeling to finally be in a position to afford a special vacation. After all, what's all this work about if it doesn't afford you some of life's pleasures?

Here's your last chance to enter the FFTC giveawy!
No blog needed, and some of the entries can be made more than once.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Well, I've never been much of a partier, so you'll have to excuse me for putting my pajamas on and going to bed. Feel free to stay and party as long as you like or stop by any of the other fragmenters; you'll likely find more than a few who party at your pace :)
Good luck, and have a great weekend!

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