Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sundays in My City: 6th Grade Olypmics

I wonder if "Field" Days take place all over the globe this time of year.
At our middle school, we had our annual "6th Grade Olympics" on Friday.

It's something we look forward to all year.

There are all kinds of events, including running contests,

hula-hoop passing,

bike racing,


scooter relays, 

and you may have heard of the egg-and-spoon relay.
(our "eggs" are wooden, btw)

The kids participate in homeroom teams 
but can be on a number of 4-person mini-teams throughout the day.

The olympics take place outside and last more than six hours.
We were so fortunate to finally have a gorgeous day for the event.

 The tug-o-war is the most exciting event of the day!

Some teacher-coaches really get into it!

At the end, there's the awarding of "medals."

No; everyone does not go home with a medal,
and, believe it or not, everyone survives (see the smiling, medal-less girl in the back?).
We prep everyone ahead of time on what sportsmanship means,
whether you win medals or not.

That said, those who enter more than two or three events usually do go home with medals.
Considering there are more than 20 team events for which to sign up,
and many of them do not require participants to be particularly athletic,
that leaves plenty of opportunities for medal-hungry kids.

Now I'm wondering how we're going to get these kids to behave for the next twelve school days.
Suggestions are welcome!

For more spring scenes from around the globe,

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