Thursday, June 26, 2014

Friday Fragments: Episode #307

Half-Past Kissin' Time

The mind is a terrible thing to waste,
and mine is cluttered with random thoughts,
so there's hardly any room in it.
So....let's de-clutter.
[The FF tab above leads to a more specific explanation.]


I'm freaking out a little; our trip to Cozumel is coming up soon. It's been a very, very long time since I took a trip anywhere, and never with just me and Mr.4444. I'm so excited!!!


It Happened to Me: A Letter to My Daughters About Date Rape
is a post every young woman needs to read.


For three and a half days this week,
I've been getting trained in how to use a math program (CPM)
that we've been using for two years.
I very much appreciate the training and the timing of it;
since I'm familiar with the program, I'm able to understand what I'm learning on a deeper level.
 [fyi, the reg ed teacher was trained two years ago, just not spec ed until now]

I'm also learning what it's like to work in a group of strangers (4 per group).
I feel sorry for some kids.

That I am a visual learner is also very evident this week.
It gives me empathy for kids who have teachers who do a lot of telling
and not so much showing.

I hadn't been to yoga in days, until tonight.
When I said I kind of wanted to go (because I wanted to get some exercise),
 Mr.4444 encouraged me to,
even though his suggestion was first to mow the lawn.
I love that man. SO glad I went to yoga; I feel great,
especially because he mowed the lawn. Win-win!

Guess what?
I found a yoga studio in Cozumel.
This will be me:

Here's to a relaxing weekend!

And now, for your decluttering pleasure, your linky...

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