Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tooth to Tail Review and Giveaway!

This is George.

George's breath is reportedly "horrendous."  (My coworker, Trish, said that George's breath "gags" her on a daily basis.) so when I told her I had an opportunity to review the Tooth to Tail Antioxidant Oral Gel for cats and dogs, she was more than happy to help me. Several days later, she reported that it "definitely took the edge off" of George's bad breath, and she could greet him without being repulsed. However, she said that she might not have finished the week's worth of product I gave her, because George didn't love the taste of it.*

You wouldn't guess from this photo of this beautiful dog that his breath could stop a horse dead in its tracks, but apparently, Charlie's owners would take bets.

Neighbor Stacy was more than happy to try Tooth-to-Tail on Charlie, her four-year-old Keeshond. Since she's in the medical field, she wasn't the least bit squeamish about swiping the gel in her dog's mouth, but Charlie also ate dog treats with the gel on them. After using it for a week, Stacy said that Charlie's breath was "waaayyyyy" better! Her husband saw me on the street and declared, "It's good stuff!"  

My neighbor Daranee said Tooth to Tail worked, but her dog didn't like it, and she felt bad making him eat it. That said, in the four days that she tried it, she could see that it made a difference.

*The Tooth-to-Tail folks recognize that not all dogs will love the taste (It's a treatment, not a treat.), but they stand behind the fact that it works.

Would you like to try Tooth-to-Tail?  

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I received sample product for my review. Opinions are my own (and my neighbors'/friends').

I would have tried Tooth to Tail on Milo and Steve, but while their breaths stink, I figured it's not as bad as most older dogs, and I wanted to tackle real problems.

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