Monday, June 9, 2014

In Which I Practice Being a Grandma

A couple of weeks ago, my niece and her family came to Wisconsin for a visit. 
They live in California, so we don't get to see them very often; 
it was such a pleasure to see them. 
I already shared some great photos from their visit, but today I'm sharing the rest;
get ready for a cutefest!

Although it was the weekend, there was plenty that needed to be done,
so I put 2-year-old Cypher to work!

We planted flowers,

cleaned my planting station,

filled Steve's swimming pool, 

(I know, but watering cans are a lot of fun, and the job got done, so that's all that matters!),

and looked for critters. 
We have a lot of critters around here, so that kid was in heaven!

Daddy, reminding Cypher to be gentle with the little toad they found before they picked him up.

He clearly got the message!

Of course, there was plenty of time for relaxing, too. 
In fact, that's what we mostly did. 
I like having company, 
but company that doesn't have to run all over town to see the sights? 
I love 'em.

Besides, sitting still gives us more time to just enjoy each other.

Doesn't Nicki look radiant?! Motherhood agrees with her...

Kendall and Cypher had a little jam session.

 and she got plenty of Madrone cuddling time in, too.

(We missed Kyle but had a great Facetime visit Saturday night.)

My mom was happy to see her great grandkids, too!

This last shot's not mine, but I love it, so here you go.

My heart is so full. 
I miss them already, but I'm grateful for the time we had together.
I'm also looking forward to July, 
when three other young sweeties will be coming to stay with us for a few weeks.
(two great nieces and a great nephew, ages 10, 11, and 12, I think)
I'm guessing this is what it feels like to be a grandma,
and I love it. 

To be continued...

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