Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sundays in My City: Country Roads

Unknown Mami
Last weekend, I took my first bike ride of the year (28 miles!)
I set out to drive to my cousin's farm, to which I'd never been before.
Along the way, I took a little sidetrack route, to the area in which my dad grew up.
It was kind of cool to look around and know that my dad had likely stood in the same places.

It was such a gorgeous day; so many people were out and about.

Horses, too.

I wonder what this landmark used to be.

This shot is my new desktop background.
(If you'd like a copy of the full sized version, I'll happily share.)

When I came upon this scene, I knew I'd found Laura's family's farm.

Cousin Laura, mother of 8-10 kids (I've lost count.) is a delightful woman,

and she dropped everything to show me around the place.

Mr.4444 picked me up in his truck so that I could ride home
and we could bring home some grass-fed beef tenderloin steaks,
which my cousin's farm produces and which I'd never had before.
All I can say is wow.

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