Saturday, June 14, 2014

PowerRocks Chargers (Review)

Although the need to charge my phone on-the-go doesn't occur very often, it almost always happens at very inopportune times. I usually use my car charger when not at home, but sometimes, for one reason or another, even that's not convenient enough. And what about when you don't have your car handy? When I saw the PowerRocks Magicstick charger online, I decided to check it out. I was sent two to review, so I let Kyle take one to Argentina and kept the other for myself.

The first time I used the PowerRocks Magicstick charger, I was at school and didn't have my charging cord for my android phone, so I remembered the Magicstick and plugged it in. It took a while to charge (two hours), and the charger was completely drained of power, but my phone was almost completely charged, so I easily made it home that day before it needed charging again.

Kyle had better luck charging his iPhone with the PowerRocks charger I'd given him. I'd figured it would come in handy when he was in South America, far from home and (sometimes) the conveniences of home, such as compatible elecrical outlets. He's been there a few months now, and he describes the charger as amazing! Kyle uses it to charge his iPhone. He said that when he charges it on airplane mode, he can get "a charge and a half." He says it's definitely worth the purchase.

You can use the Magicstick to charge phones, cameras, games, gps devices, and MP3 players, too; it'll work with anything that accepts a USB cable! It comes with a 120-day limited warranty and nice little cloth bag that keeps it clean and out of harm's way in a crowded purse. Right now, you can buy a 2-pack for $49.99 and get free shipping here.

It's tornado season, here in the Midwest. Last year, Kendall and I found ourselves in the basement for almost an hour, eventually with two dead cell phones. This year, I'm resting well, knowing that I can rely on my PowerRocks charger to back me up. You can, too.

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