Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sundays in My City: Bellin Run 2014

First, if you're a father in America today, Happy Fathers Day! :)

Every June in Green Bay, Wisconsin, an event called the Bellin Run occurs. It draws thousands of citizens who either run or support the runners. This year, there were more than 18,000 runners and/or walkers and certainly as many spectators. I always enjoy being on the sidelines; it is such a happy event!

People line the streets to cheer for strangers, but also for friends...

My sister Michelle, my mom, and I took up a cheering post three blocks from the finish line.

In case you're wondering, no; I do not have any desire to run or walk in the event.
I guess it's just not my thing; I've always been more of a cheerleader than an athlete.
I'm sure it's amazing to run/walk, but I prefer the sideline action. 

A family near by was handing freeze pops out to anyone interested.

A certain sub shop mascot came up and tapped my mom on the shoulder, 
and she leaped up to give him/her a hug!

We always see plenty of people we know; it's fun to cheer them on.
 My brother Tom was in the race again this year.

He stopped by for a hug after his race; Mom was very proud!

Michelle made signs to encourage the runners; 
at that point, many of them really need a pick-me-up!

They made many, many people smile!

I choke up with emotion, feel my heart fill up, and just generally appreciate being a human being every time I attend the Bellin Run; if you ever get the chance to attend such an event, I highly recommend taking advantage.

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