Monday, June 2, 2014

Sundays in My City (a day late): Spring on Norsk Farm

Unknown Mami

I recently visited Norsk Farm, which is the family farm of my cousin Laura.
I'd never been to the farm before 
and thought it would make a nice destination for my first bike ride of the summer, 
which ended up being 28 miles!

Not only does Laura's family farm produce delicious, 
grass-fed products, maple syrup, honey, and homemade soaps,
but she also grows gorgeous flowers, such as this fern peony 

and whatever these beauties are...

Of course, when you visit a farm during spring, you can expect to see babies;
I got to meet a sheep named Penny and her three little lambs: Stina, Britta, and Anna,
who had been born just 24 hours earlier!

(Excuse the helmet-head; remember...28 miles.)
This little cutie was so cuddly!

 Here's another baby; isn't she adorable?!

Finally, check out this mother sheep (on the right)
who was due to give birth to what Laura guesses is quadruplets!

How can she tell? Here's one pretty big clue!

If you're local, you should check out the 3rd annual Family Farm Day,
hosted by Norsk Farms and coming up on June 14th.

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