Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Gap Dog Milo

Two years ago, this little ragamuffin was rescued by my cousin's wife, Tama.

No idea what breed she is. Like many runaways her age, she was pregnant and alone, having fallen for the charms of a Cavalier [no pun intended] King Charles Spaniel. Fortunately, Tama has a heart of gold, and she took the teen-mom in, which is a good thing, because although I didn't know it, I was in need of a gap-dog*.  When the puppies were born, Tama tricked me into agreeing to help "socialize" these little cuties:


Before I knew it, the white one had cuddled his way into my heart, 

and the rest is history. 

I'll stop short of saying Happy Birthday to my dog on my blog
(He can't read.), 
but I do want to recognize the month he joined our family (June)
because he's added so much joy to our lives.

*gap-dog  A term I made up to define a dog you get to fill the gap between the empty nest and the arrival of grandchildren.

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